10 Ways to Deal With Anger Stoically

10 Ways to Deal With Anger Stoically

1. Engage in preemptive meditation: think about what situations trigger your anger, and decide ahead of time how to deal with them.

2. Check anger as soon as you feel its symptoms. Don't wait, or it will get out of control.

3. Associate with serene people, as much as possible; avoid irritable or angry ones. Moods are infectious. 

4. Play a musical instrument, or purposefully engage in whatever activity relaxes your mind. A relaxed mind does not get angry.

5. Seek environments with pleasing, not irritating colors. Manipulating external circumstances actually has an effect on our moods.

6. Don't engage in discussions when you are tired, you will be more prone to irritation, which can then escalate into anger.

7. Don't start discussions when you are thirsty or hungry, for the same reason.

8. Deploy self-deprecating humor, our main weapon against the unpredictability of the Universe, and the predictable nastiness of some of our fellow human beings.

9. Practise cognitive distancing - what Seneca calls "delaying" your response - by going for a walk, or retire to the bathroom, anything that will allow you a breather from a tense situation.

10. Change your body to change your mind: deliberating slow down your steps, lower the tone of your voice, impose on your body the demeanor of a calm person.