Is Stoicism more practical than Christianity?

  • Christians ask God for help, while Stoics seek help from within.


  • Christians pray for healing, help etc. Stoicism tells us that if we want any good, we need to get it from ourselves. No spirit will relieve us from our pains.


  • Stoics believe nature has instilled people with the capacity to reason, which we can exercise to live our virtuous, dutiful lives. Christians on the other hand, believe people are born with original sin, which has corrupted our internal moral compass.


  • In Christianity, this world is but a shadow of the world yet to come. At the end of time, the dead will rise, Christ will return to separate the sheep from the goats, and the Kingdom of God will be established on Earth. Conversely, the Stoics made little mention of an afterlife and were agnostic about what, if anything lies beyond the grave. For the Stoics, what matters isn't so much what may or may not happen after death, but how we make best use of the time we have now.

Agree or Disagree?